If you’re here, you’re interested in being a guest on the podcast. Ready to book a time? Book on my Calendly.

What is Compounding Curiosity?

Compounding Curiosity is a podcast about compounding listeners (and my own) curiosity, through thoughtful and curated interviews with interesting and accomplished guests, with a focus on Asia-Pacific.

You’re a guest, why do the podcast?

  • You want to pay it forward. Share your wisdom and learnings in order to have an impact on people who might be in a similar situation to you were when you started.
  • I don’t have the same distribution as going on Tim Ferriss or Patrick O’Shaughnessy’s podcasts, but what you will get is an audience who is highly engaged, equally (if not even more) grateful for having you on, and a highly targeted audience to those who self-study and self-motivated. It might only be one-tenth the reach, but hopefully 10x the intensity of the listeners. My audience isn’t huge (yet), but they’re highly engaged and curious.
  • I am someone in the earlier stages of my career & life and very heavy on the self-learning, motivation, and curiosity spectrum. I’m trying to be a sponge and ask thoughtful questions. Help teach me and teach my audience.
  • You’ll be proud of the product. I want this to be as high quality as possible. Great quality audio, edited professionally to make it clear, concise, and timeless. I also provide transcripts so people can pull quotes, passages, and share as they please. I want to deliver A+ quality so you (and the audience) will feel crazy by NOT sharing it.

What do I want from my guests?

  • To be comfortable (I’ll send a rough question guide beforehand so you can prepare if you’d like)
  • I want you to talk and tell stories. People don’t want to hear me. They want the guest’s ideas, stories, and insights.
  • A microphone to record and get good audio if available. Listeners need good audio quality

What I expect from an episode:

  • People passionate and knowledgeable about their area of expertise. Focus is on Asia-Pacific, but not exclusively so.
  • Good audio quality. People won’t listen to a guest (no matter how good) if the audio is trash.
  • ~50mins long give or take 15ish mins. Not concrete. Happy to go well over. 30 mins minimum though.
  • Edited for brevity (“umms”, “ahhs”, dead space etc). Compress to impress!
  • Ask questions that you aren’t bored to death of answering and can’t be googled.
  • Episodes, information, and lessons contained in the podcast should be timeless. It doesn’t matter if you listen to it today, next week, or next year, the principles and lessons should still apply.
  • Provide detailed and rich transcripts alongside the show notes.

Quick overview from start to finish of the whole process:

  1. Book a Calendly time to record the podcast.
  2. Prior to the podcast (a week to a few days), I’ll send you a word doc of the questions I’m hoping to ask (If you have any objections to the questions or think of some good questions to ask, please reach out! I want to make this as good experience for both of us)
  3. Join Zoom meeting and record the audio locally (I can show you how to record local audio on the day)
  4. Send me your local recording after the podcast is done via a Google Drive link I will send you.
  5. I get the podcast edited, transcribed and details sorted.
  6. I can send it to you for a final lookover to make sure you’re happy
  7. The episode goes live! Episodes usually posted Thursdays at 830pm Australian Western Standard Time.