56 | Erik from Rice Noodles, Taiwan and YouTube

Erik is the owner and creator of the Rice Noodles YouTube channel, where he shares everything Taiwan, from street food to normal food, culture, history and just general interesting and idiosyncratic things.

In this long and fun conversation, we cover filmmaking, the beast that is YouTube, and of course, Taiwan.

A different style of episode to my usual, so curious to hear any feedback but I hope you enjoy my conversation with Erik from Rice Noodles!

Show Notes:

[00:02:02] – Taiwan Tales
[00:07:04] – Erik’s backstory
[00:14:34] – What is the Rice Noodles YouTube Channel?
[00:24:42] – Culture
[00:33:16] – Filmmaking
[00:37:34] – Anthony Bourdain
[00:53:41] – Approaching people to make YouTube videos about
[00:56:30] – Erik’s influences on filmmaking and YouTube
[01:05:38] – Cinematography
[01:14:05] – Influences and inspirations again
[01:32:32] – Being creative and unlocking that
[01:45:00] – Why the name Rice Noodles? (+ food chat)
[01:53:55] – Wrapping up

Connect with Erik:

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