What is Compounding Curiosity?

Compounding Curiosity is a weekly podcast all about compounding listeners (and my own) curiosity, through thoughtful and curated interviews with interesting and accomplished guests, with a focus on Asia-Pacific.

What to expect from an episode?

  • ~45mins give or take 15ish mins.
  • GOOD AUDIO QUALITY. People won’t listen to a guest (no matter how good) if audio is trash
  • Interesting guest that people may not know (Focus on Asia-Pacific)
  • Edited for brevity (“umms”, “ahhs”, dead space etc)
  • Ask questions that the guest aren’t bored to death of answering and can’t be googled.
  • Collect information, ideas and stories, and compress it down to be useful. COMPRESS TO IMPRESS
  • Episodes, information, and lessons contained in the podcast should be timeless. Doesn’t matter if you listen to it today, next week, or next year, the principles and lessons should still apply.
  • Transcripts!

Problem I’m Solving? Why listen to this?

Listeners want more background about interesting people. I’m trying to make complex things easy to understand. No fancy buzzwords and acronyms. Just talk to me like a mate.

I’m no genius. I’m just a guy wanting to know more. I’m always learning alongside the listener.

My Goals for the Podcast?

  • Commit to weekly episodes for 6 months. Don’t look at stats.
  • Re-evaluate after 25 episodes and ask “Do I enjoy it” and “Do others enjoy it?”,
  • Monetization is not a goal. I want to make a podcast people will actually listen to.

About Me

I live in one of the most isolated major cities in the world, and even then, I live an hour out of the city. This podcast is a way for me to learn from some of the best, without having to catch a plane halfway across the world!